The Couple
portrait - bride

Nura grew up 6000 miles away in Singapore, with her parents and her two brothers. She was raised in a multi cultural household, and enjoyed various cuisines and holidays growing up. As a child, she wanted to be a singer, a novelist, a photographer, or a foreign correspondent (She remains fickle up till this day). In her teenage years, her major past times included hanging out and "making music" (noise) with friends, getting "creative" with her DSLR and attending local music gigs. She still enjoys the occasional big night out, but have started to truly appreciate staying indoors doing absolutely nothing, catching up on shows or tinkering around on photoshop.

When absolutely bored, she's likely to be found wanderlust-ing over photos of random destinations, ambitiously trying to pick up a new language, or asking Dominik questions he's never heard of before...just because!

She can either be the joker and life of a party, or the intense conversationalist in a group, passionate about the issues surrounding her and her loved ones. She is also the least fussy eater/drinker Dominik has ever met, trying anything at least once, and actually enjoying most of it.

She's the heart and creative soul in the relationship.

portrait - groom

Dominik grew up in Bavaria, Germany with his parents, and two younger brothers. He had always been curious about exploring the world from a young age. He's also known by his friends as the mild mannered gentleman with sharp wit and dry humour, who loves tech and a good drink. In fact, he was found drinking leftover beer at a family gathering at the tender age of three.

Having a slightly addictive nature to technology, he can be lost for hours researching ways to best improve his little gadgets. From the latest apps, his Fuji camera, to building up his perfect vaporizer. He is also a big fan of most things Japanese - culture, cuisine, anime, films - they all intrigue him.

When absolutely bored, he can be found indulging in more videos on how to perfect his art of technology, or expanding his brains with more knowledge and world news. Dominik is the wise and sound one people turn to when they want advice about life, or simply when faced with tech problems, duh. He has a knack for keeping up to date with current trends in the world, and retaining most of the information he's read (from old history, general knowledge and world news, to TV shows and movies) - aptly nicknamed by friends as the "Oracle of Information".

He's the logic and tech brains (AKA geek) in the relationship.

Our Story

Nura and Dominik met several years ago in Singapore during a night out with their separate group of friends. It was mutual attraction at first sight. They dated in Singapore, continued a long distance relationship (Frankfurt & Singapore back and forth) for almost 2 years, and finally took a shared leap of faith by moving to a completely new city together (Shanghai). Having little expectations and knowing no one, they very quickly made a good home out of it and met the best group of friends.

After two years in Shanghai, Dominik proposed to Nura during a surprise weekend trip he planned for the both of them in Hong Kong.

They both enjoy a wide variety of music, variety of cuisines (live to eat), travelling, and absolutely adore their friends.

- We hope you'll join us in celebrating the beginning of the rest of our lives together and the merging of two cultures and families! -